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Sunday, June 23 will see Backseat Betty and the Crimson Cadillacs playing the Community Hall, in support of the Gabriola Parent Participation Preschool.

The band was assembled after Kathy McIntyre was asked to form 50s band for a private party.

She put together a group of veterans of Gabriola’s music scene and called the band Back Seat Betty and the Crimson Cadillacs. The band includes John Gresham, Kelly Field, Mike Carey, Arlene Carson, Brian McMahon and Don Spears.

The group had so much fun learning the material that they put on a show at the Surf Lodge last year, where Adam Kerby did the sound and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kerby’s partner Jocelyn Hallett and their child Zoey (then 2yo) attended the show, and Zoey danced up a storm and was talking about ‘Back Seat Betty’ for months after.

During the last Twilight Radio Theatre run, Kathy and Chris passed the Back Seat Betty torch to Hallett and Kerby. Zoey was thrilled. The show was also such a hit at the Surf, with audience members requesting future shows, that when the Parent Participation Preschool started talking about throwing a fundraising event, Hallett thought that Back Seat Betty and the Crimson Cadillacs would be an absolute hoot for all.

The Preschool was incorporated in 1976, providing a positive impact and friendship for children and parents. Parents also learn, during parent education meetings.

It’s currently led by teacher Alex Dewar.

Being a duty parent means quality time with child while also observing them objectively and quietly without distraction of home, and helps set the tone for future education.

Children learn socializing, problem solving, following directions, and are prepped for kindergarten.

Sarah Welsby’s children attended the Preschool. She says, “as a former parent and vice president of the Gabriola Co-operative Preschool, I can honestly say our time at Alex’s preschool shaped my family in countless positive ways. Teacher Alex is an invaluable asset to our community, and his preschool is a cornerstone of our island children’s early education.”

Some of the former preschoolers of this preschool are now parents of current preschoolers.

Hallet said another former parent had told her that one great thing their cohort had done, was get a band and have a dance.

Hallet said, “and that’s exactly what we’re going to do now.”

For this all-ages event, there will be a silent auction and a raffle, popcorn machine, desserts and snacks, as well as beer, wine and cider and also non-alcoholic beverages.

Added in to the evening will be a ‘jail and bail’ fundraiser.

The premise is that Teacher Alex has been arrested for something innocuous like building block towers without a permit and hoarding all the colorful markers. Funds raised will be used to ‘post bail’ when the band plays Jailhouse Rock.

Any funds during the evening raised will go towards things like materials, parent education, field trips and operating costs like insurance, equipment and equipment maintenance.

Tickets are $25 at North Road Sports, Ground Up Cafe or via email by contacting Elana for tickets at

Kerby has been singing 50s tunes since the cassette tape days of his childhood and says he is excited for this to be his first show with a harmonica solo.

Both Kerby and Hallett are part of Twilight Radio Theatre and Mad For Joy. Hallett is also a member of The Kerplunks.

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