Andrea Eva Viola Georgiev

We are sad to announce the death of Andrea Eva Viola Georgiev on August 19. Andrea is survived by her husband, Georgi Georgiev, their daughter, Geneen Georgiev, and their son, Stefan Georgiev-Tosheff.

Andrea was born in Hamm, Germany, the younger daughter of Almuth and Erik Lutkenhaus, both artists. At the age of ten, with her mother and sister, Andrea arrived in Ontario.

Andrea admired her mother, Almuth, who became a very well-known Canadian sculptor.

Andrea met Georgi who was working closely with Almuth. They married, and in 1987, they left Toronto and came to live in Gabriola where they have been ever since. She loved her life on the island where she painted, did photography, made jewellery, wrote songs, performed music, and when she had time, danced the tango.

Andrea was an adoring mother who dedicated her life to her children, encouraging them to realize their artistic and creative talents.

After her children left the nest, she reclaimed for herself the creativity that she had always nurtured and inspired in her children and others.

The family would like to thank Andrea’s many kind friends whose love, care, and extraordinary support in the last two difficult years meant so much to her. She understood how much she was truly loved.

An Exhibition of Andrea’s art will take place on Gabriola in the early autumn.

In her words:

“Blessings I send to all who are dear,

“And close to my heart.

“You know who you are.

“Whether you’re close or far.

“I send you love.”