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Summer seems so far away, but the Gabriola Arts Council (GAC) thinks it is the perfect time to talk about Cultivate 2022. The festival will be back at the Gabriola Commons June 30 – July 3. We are running with the notion that restrictions will be lifted and we can enjoy live theatre, live music, and amazing art over four days without worry. We’re a positive bunch! Yes bunch because Cultivate is structured a little differently this year.  Not to mention all the food and libations! Ok we’ll tell you about one vendor: mini donuts! We’re breathless with anticipation over those tiny morsels of awesomeness. Can. Not. Wait.

Carol Fergusson, Executive Director saw an opportunity to capitalize on a variety of expertise and community input by gathering a team of Leads working under GAC as the Producer to create a multi-day festival for the whole community.

GAC as the Producer is Carol at the helm with the amazing support and expertise of three Board Liaisons forming the Cultivate Committee: Mary Ann Richards, Patricia Armstrong, and Roweena Bacchus.

Until February April Vannini has also been a liaison, but her term on the Board is ending, so she will no longer be on the committee.

We will also be adding a community member to the committee this coming month. So who will organize the festival? Let us introduce you to the team.

Frank Moher and Lousia Handford – Co-Theatre Leads

Dinah D – Music Lead

Gwen Spinks – Art and Vendor Lead

Ron Cote – Technical Lead

Larry Walske – Site Lead

Naomi Melnyk – Volunteer Lead

Erin Mancor – Site Animation & Kid Zone Lead

The collective experience and knowledge is astounding and they are all experts in their fields. It is a great group; we are all learning how to communicate and how each player fits into the tapestry that is Cultivate. Fergusson had this to add, “I am thoroughly enjoying working with each member of the Cultivate team. The Cultivate Committee offers insightful advice and challenges the team as a whole. The Leads are all a dream and their creativity and levels of expertise are inspiring. It is going to be a fantastic festival.” Did we mention the mini donuts?

More details as the fest grows near and we endeavour to have tickets on sale June 1st. Stay tuned. Together we cultivate the arts.

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