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A man facing three charges stemming from the sexual assault of a person under the age of 16 was scheduled to be in Nanaimo Provincial court this past Monday, Jan. 17.

Specific charges in this case are Sexual Interference with a person under the age of 16; Invitation to sexual touching of a person under the age of 16; and Sexual Assault of a person under the age of 16. The accused pled guilty in June 2021 to the charge of Sexual Assault, and the appearance on Jan. 17 was scheduled to set a date for sentencing.

This is one of two cases (which are not connected to each other) involving charges of sexual assault of a person under 16.

In the second case, facing the same three charges, a male from Gabriola is set to stand trial on May 16, 2022.

A publication ban has been placed in both cases on naming the accused, as part of the court protecting the identity of the victims.

According to the Canadian Women’s Federation, the rate of sexual assault for Canadians age 15 to 24 is 18 times higher than that of Canadians age 55 and older. 82% of all victims of sexual assault under the age of 18 are female, and girls under age 18 report a rate of sexual violence almost five times higher than boys under 18. The CWF also states 1 in 3 of Canadians understand what it means to give consent in sexual situations, and only 5% of sexual assaults were reported to police in 2014. The Haven Society in Nanaimo offers a 24-hour Crisis Line at 250-756-0616.

For a list of support services available to women who have experienced harassment or assault, visit

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