Bob Meyer 

Thrasher produced some nice results this week for Chinook in the 8 to 10 pound class, with a bonus 6 pound hatchery Coho in the mix. There is tons of bait present, but the best approach is to fish in the “hook” in 160 to 180 feet of water at 140 to 160 feet on the downriggers. The T-Rex hoochie and 3 inch Killy Magee spoon have been top baits. The currents were deadly our last trip there, so I bailed and fished the waterfall, and it was very active with 3 to 5 pound “undies”, but no retainable fish. The mini Coho are crazy at Thrasher, pull your lines every 10 to 15 minutes to make sure you’re not towing any unwanted passengers.

The Chums are showing themselves jumping, but don’t bite well here. Try purple/pink hoochies fished on two foot leaders. Troll straight and slow, with lots of gear in the water, including dummy flashers. Bring a good book. The old commercial fishing joke applies here. How do you catch Chums trolling around Nanaimo? With a gill net.

Prawning is good, but remember to release the females spawners. Be sure when you’re setting your traps to allow sufficient distance between your traps and the ones that are already in the water. They take time to descend and settle, and you need to give them room laterally, or there will be tangles. Twice this week, I was first on the spot, and had to disengage other peoples traps from mine while hauling them. Please be courteous, and give it some room.

Good fishing!

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