Carol Fergusson

Executive Director

Gabriola Arts Council

Cause for celebration is in the air and while we’re not suggesting to run out and throw caution to the wind, at least we can gather in a more relaxed fashion and even shake our booties.

What is the Gabriola Arts Council celebrating? The arts of course! We’re hosting a fundraiser called the “Carry On Art Affair,” on March 12 at the Community Hall in conjunction with Gabriola Live.

After two years of pandemic restrictions we are ready to “Carry On” into the future. We are looking forward to expanded in-person events and opportunities for community to come together in the name of arts and culture. The fundraiser’s purpose is to bridge the gap for operations. We receive funding from a variety of sources, but very little is available to cover our operating costs. To boot, most grantors don’t accept excess from our events very well. If we are too successful they cut funding, but the excess is not enough to make up for the funding. It really is rather ridiculous. We’re making a concerted effort this year to find more sustainable ways to maintain the organization.

Carol Fergusson, Executive Director had this to add, “We work very hard to keep our costs down and streamline our operations. Much of my time is spent writing grants and while we are quite successful in that department, we need to find alternative revenue streams that benefit the organization, the artistic community and instills community confidence to continue to participate in our events and programming. We are not an island on an island, together we cultivate the arts.”

Carry On is not just a fundraiser it is also an object art show.

Artists were given a blank canvas bag and encouraged to bring the bag to life with art or create something in the spirit of the theme.

So far we have received photos of some amazing works and more are coming in each day. We will host a live auction, as well as a silent auction where artists take home 60% of the proceeds. A little something for everyone and you could go home with a one-of-a-kind original piece of art that is not only extraordinary, but some are also functional.

On March 12 we promise a jam packed schedule of arts and entertainment. Gary Holmes will serenade us, Shirley Whalen and Troy Stark predict having us rolling on the floor with laughter, the Gabriola Players are sharing a theatrical skit, Honey LaRue (aka Melanie Teichroeb), is our fantabulous MC, plus we have a special guest star who will be working the crowd. To round out the evening there will be food by Ground Up and a selection of various libations. So we hope you will show your support and come out to the Community Hall to celebrate the Gabriola Arts Council, the artists, the performers, and community. Tickets available at or in person at the GAC cabin (log cabin behind the Post Office), Monday – Friday, 10-4pm.

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