Gabriola Arts Council

Press Release

The Gabriola Arts Council is excited to announce that we are now accepting your proposals for arts, culture and new this year culinary arts workshops and events for our annual Isle of the Arts Festival. With pottery, paint, textiles, drawing, poetry, singing, printing and everything in between, there is a little something on offer for everyone. If you have a skill or event you’d be interested in sharing on Gabriola Island as part of this fun and fabulous 10 days arts festival, let us know!

IoTA is a unique opportunity to gather to make, share, learn, and be adventurous. Keep in mind when you are making your proposal that this is a time for participants to try something new to embark on challenges and simply get creative.

We are so excited to see what proposals you send in so we can develop a theme that will influence this year’s festival. So pull out all the stops, tell all your friends, challenge yourself. Remember the only hard requirements are that it has to take place on Gabriola during the festival and you can accommodate a minimum of 12 people. We can go larger, 12 is the minimum unless there is something specific about your workshop that will require a smaller audience.

The 14th annual Gabriola Isle of the Arts Festiva runs March 28th to April 7th, 2024. The deadline for proposals is December 15th 2023, by 5pm. GAC pays $75 per workshop hour and covers the cost of materials, venue, admin, marketing, and more.

Please submit your proposals through our website or email any of your questions to

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