Jean Maryl Abercrombie/Waugh/McLaren

Jean Maryl Abercrombie/ Waugh/ Mclaren was born July 9, 1927. In 1949 she was married to Eric Waugh and had 4 children: Merilee, Avril, David and Kelly.

Us 4 kids had 13 children, Jean’s grandchildren.

Those 13 kids have 18 kids, Jean’s great grandchildren. The first great grandchild has one child, Jean’s great-great-grandchild. Mom will greatly be missed by all of her family.

Mom died on November 4, 2020. She was predeceased by both her husbands, Eric Waugh on Sept 20, 2014 and Bob McLaren in April, 1986.

She was also predeceased by her three sisters Mimi, Ethel, and Dodi, and her brother Bill.

Mom and Dad joined the Peace Movement in the 50’s. Bob and Mom continued in the Peace Movement and other peaceful causes.

We were always taught to Love all peoples, be they Blacks, Asian, Indigenous, and all others.

Mom lived life to the fullest.