Marc Doré

March 16, 2022 marks the one year anniversary of a tragic accident on Gabriola Island. Marc Doré was pouring the foundation for the retirement home of his friends Chris Straw and Margy Gilmour, when the lives of both men were violently and suddenly taken.

Marc Doré was born in Edmonton in 1961. He loved all animals, but especially cats. On his 9th birthday when his “Mémère” gifted him with $1, he immediately asked his parents to take him to the SPCA to pick a “minou”. This was the first of many minous Marc would adopt and love over the years. Sadly, he didn’t get to spend much time with his two newly adopted kittens.

Marc was creative, innovative and artistic. He discovered his love of theatre in high school. In Grade 12 he was thrilled to be cast as the King in a semi-professional production of “The King and I”. After high school, he wanted a bit of adventure before settling into a working career. Marc explored Canada by Greyhound bus, travelling from coast to coast. Afterwards, he joined a French language theatre company in Edmonton, and co-wrote and performed plays for audiences in Western Canada and Ontario. It was during this time that Marc met the love of his life, Huguette. They were married in 1984.

In his early 20’s, Marc was hired at CBC Radio Canada in Edmonton. After producing the daily news for a few years, an idea that had been forming in his mind was brought to reality. Marc’s imagination and inventiveness led him to create the first Western Canadian French language weekly series for teens. He went on to create, direct and produce two other popular French language series. Marc’s hope was that these programs would encourage teens to appreciate and love their language and culture. He hired some teens to act in the shows alongside professional actors. A few of those teens were eventually hired at Radio Canada and are still working there today.

In his late 30’s, Marc had an inclination and desire to create with his hands. In 1999, he set off with Huguette and their cat on an adventure to Gabriola Island. There, they single-handedly built their first home. Their natural abilities, meticulous natures and their love for building became evident. Side by side, over the next 20 years, they renovated, built additions, studios and beautiful homes for their friends on the island. Marc was a passionate designer, draftsman, and builder. He was always eager to help anyone who wanted to explore design ideas.

One of Marc’s other passions was sailing. For many years he enjoyed owning a boat and spending holidays exploring with his wife and friends. He was also an avid reader and especially loved to delve into philosophical and spiritual topics. His curiosity and intelligence broached a broad range of topics which he delighted in discussing around the dinner table. He enjoyed playing devil’s advocate and was genuinely interested in what everyone had to say.

Marc had many long-time friends. He made a remarkable impression on everyone who met him. He is dearly missed everyday as a faithful, loving, gentle and supportive life and work companion to his wife Huguette; a kind and caring son to his mother Germaine; a loving grandson to his 103-year-old grandmother Thérèse; and a loyal brother to Joel, Guy and Alain. He is missed by his in-laws, nephews, nieces, and many, many friends. All who knew him will forever remember his sparkling eyes, kind smile and big gentle hugs.