RDN to replace trees taken down for Huxley at a minimum ratio of 2:1

Islands Trust staff report the Regional District of Nanaimo has finalized it’s tree replanting plan for the redevelopment of Huxley Community Park.

This was the final requirement from the Islands Trust in approving the RDN’s request for a variance for the number of structures allowed on the Huxley Park property – as it seeks to complete the Huxley Skatepark in the north-east corner of the park, as well as install a new parking lot between the skatepark and playground.

The Gabriola Local Trust Committee had already approved the variance, but with the requirement that Islands Trust staff sign off on a tree replanting plant established by RDN Parks staff.

According to the RDN report, four trees will be taken down due to their condition, and 100 will be removed due to redevelopment design of the park.

64 trees will be left in place in the areas being redeveloped.

Tree removal is expected to be done in August, after bird nesting season has been completed.

A combination of tree plugs and larger tree saplings will be replanted in the fall of 2021 or spring of 2022.

Plugs will be replacing trees at a replacement ration of 4:1; while saplings will replace trees with a ratio of 2:1.

Trust staff said there will be three varieties of trees used for replacements: arbutus, dogwood, and douglas fir.

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