Rural Islands Economic Forum

Press Release

Strengthening Connections Across BC Rural Islands is this year’s theme for the online Rural Islands Economic Forum, taking place on the mornings of October 20 and 21. 

Creating and sustaining work and livelihoods on a rural island is uniquely challenging and rewarding. Many islanders want to do business in a way that is meaningful, creative, and kind to nature, with a balance of work and play.

Island entrepreneurs often feel isolated and misunderstood by counterparts elsewhere. 

The Forum is a rare chance to make inter-island connections, and get inspiration, new ideas, and support from others from Mayne to Malcolm, Bowen to the Broughtons. 

Gabriolans who come to the forum can meet like-minded others via the Forum Connection Café, attend informal “Ask Me” Sessions around topics or services, participate in art Show ‘n’ Tells, and engage in the “Campfire Talk”, to build community and collaboration among the islands. 

Entrepreneurs, artisans and activists will tell stories in two success story panels. The first is on year-round business sustainability, with a food and beverage theme. It features stories from Quadra’s Tide to Table, Salt Spring Sea Salt, and Mayne Island Brewery, moderated by Julie Sperber from the Gabriola Chamber.  

The second panel looks at social enterprise for the environment. Moderated by Bryan Young of Transition Salt Spring, it features GIRO’s C2C Threads initiative, as well as a look at the Cortes Community Forest project and others. 

This is a Forum with many Gabriola connections – the Forum is coordinated by Maji Events, a Gabriola-based social enterprise, on behalf of the Rural Islands Economic Partnership (RIEP). 

RIEP ( a member-based partnership offering a platform for inter-island communication and collaboration to promote economic resilience across the islands. It’s only $30 to attend both mornings. Registration includes access to all recordings and a contact list. Visit to find out more and to register.

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